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Welcome to Umdende Safaris – South Africa

Umdende Safaris is based in Zululand (KwaZulu-Natal) and operates throughout South Africa, ensuring ample opportunities on all game and wild bird species our beautiful country has to offer. We provide our guests with memories for a lifetime and an appreciation of the wild, with the utmost client service excellence! Umdende Safaris is driven by the passion of local Outfitter and Professional Hunter Clayton Comins and his wife Debbie, whose family have been dedicated to the game hunting and bird shooting industry for nearly 46 years.

Game Hunting, Big 5 and Night Critter Safaris

Umdende Safaris offers several different game hunting areas and lodges, based mainly in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, as well as other areas in South Africa. Your location depends on which species you are hunting and your level of preferred luxury. Experienced or novice, Clayton’s Team will guide you to walk and stalk your dream animal, whether it be Dangerous game or the Tiny 10, abundant or elusive, Umdende Safaris caters to your dream species that our fantastic country offers! Making Your Wildest Dreams Come True! Visit www.umdende.com for details, lodges and photos.

Collection Bird Hunts

Umdende Safaris proudly offers Collection Bird Hunts for discerning Bird Collectors. In Zululand South Africa, we exclusively offer the smallest to the largest of the world’s waterfowl – Pygmy Goose, Hottentot Teal and the colossal Spurwing Goose. Offering 15 collectable waterfowl species, many upland species, Doves and Pigeons; mostly unique to South Africa.
Clayton and his Team are backed by years of experience in the wild bird hunting industry and therefore fully understand the care and attention to detail required to hunt and export these Collector species. Visit www.umdende.com

Wild Bird Hunting / Wing Shooting

Wild Bird-Hunting with Clayton Comins is rated as having the best diversity in the world. The high-volume shooting offers over 10 species of wild birds with exceptional waterfowl. Bird hunting between 1 May and 31 August is normally 4-6 days encountering 4 species of Ducks, 2 species of Geese, 2 species of Doves, Rock Pigeons, driven Guinea fowl and Francolin. A typical Bird Hunting Safari consists of 2 days shooting, 1 rest day (clients can relax at the lodge or book from a variety of tours) followed by another 2 days of shooting. With more than 36 years of experience in the bird hunting field, one will experience a bird shoot like never before! 2 locations, 1st being close to Johannesburg for high volume Dove, Pigeons, Guineafowl and Francolin. We usually spend 3 to 4 days at this location, then a rest day or a travel day to Zululand for 2 days of high volume Ducks and Geese. (Waterfowl shooting.)

High volume decoyed Duck shooting is done in dry blinds near water (no waders). Experience flight after flight of Yellow-billed Ducks and Red-Billed Teal coming into roosting ponds in the early afternoon. Expect 10-20 birds per gun per shoot.

Goose shooting is done in screen blinds or lay-in blinds on reaped corn fields with a large decoy spread. The Spurwing Goose is one of the biggest in the world weighing close to 20 pounds. The hard beating sound from the wings of these huge geese is deafening when 100 or more put their landing gear out to land amongst the decoys. Expect 10 birds per gun per shoot.

Hot-barreled Dove shooting is done in sunflower or sorghum fields or on a tree line or in a draw. The African Turtle Dove has been written up as being “…the most challenging Game Bird in the World…” It will test the most accomplished wing shooter and leave many humbled by their all-angled approach and sudden direction change. From March to end May we offer several affordable high-volume Dove Packages in the Free State, near Johannesburg. Expect to shoot 500 to 1500 shells per day.

Rock Pigeons are decoyed into the open corn field. It is not unusual to have 20 to 30 pigeons fluttering over your decoys as you take a left and a right on these beautiful terracotta and white-speckled birds. 200 – 500 shells per gun per shoot can be expected. Parr shooting for this challenging pigeon is also done when the Sunflowers are still standing, often being a humbling and hot barreled affair.

Guinea Fowl are driven over hunters with more than 20 chanting Zulu’s in a similar way to the bull horn formation tactic invented and used in battle by the infamous Shaka Zulu himself. Experience a victory dance by the Zulu beaters after your successful hunt. 10-50 birds per group in a morning.

Francolin and Partridge are hunted over experienced Pointers flushing birds on the walk.

Kwa-Zulu Natal does not impose bird limits, numbers taken are at the Outfitters discretion based on his experience and due to long hours of scouting knowing the numbers in certain areas.

Fishing, Tours and Photographic Safaris

Combine your Hunting Safari with Fresh or Saltwater Fishing and Tours between hunting days or after your Safari. South Africa boasts the best Game viewing and Photographic opportunities in the world!

Please visit the Accomodation link for information and photos on accommodation options and our hunting areas.

Based on your species request Umdende Safaris will advise you of the accommodation options available.

Please note WiFi and mobile reception ranges from excellent to poor depending on the lodge.

Umdende Safaris is proud to be associated with these fine organisations;

  • Safari Club International
  • Custodians of Professional Hunting & Conservation South Africa
  • Dallas Safari Club
  • Hunters Care
  • Global Rescue

All shotgun ammunition is excluded and is quoted per box 25 (lead).
(Please request rates for current year).

Excellent, imported 12 and limited 20 gauge is available.

We supply imported shotgun shells from Italy, Spain and Czechoslovakia (e.g. Fiocchi, Nobel Sport, Clever) between 7½ – 3’s depending on the species.

You are allowed to import no more than 5kg (11lb) of ammunition per hunter. This is for that person’s use ONLY and excludes ammunition with explosive or incendiary projectiles.

Ammunition must be transported in a lockable box/hard case separately from your firearms and may only be carried as checked luggage and some airlines will require notification and approval in advance.

Please confirm these rules with your specific airline.

Hired rifles include ammunition, specialised ammo is charged extra.

If you are temporarily importing your rifles, please bring ammo or purchase from Umdende Safaris on arrival – Prior notice of at least 45 days.

Clayton Comins uses the following imported shells for Bird Hunting:

  • Doves and Pigeons: No.7 (24 g) and 7½ (28 g)
  • Partridge: No.7 (28 g)
  • Guinea Fowl & duck: No.5, 6 (34 g)
  • Geese: No.3 (34 g)

International arrivals are recommended at Johannesburg Oliver Tambo International airport or King Shaka Durban International Airport. We recommend morning arrivals, so we have most of the day to reach our base. If late arrival in Johannesburg or Durban, we recommend spending the night in to avoid night-time travel and the heavy afternoon traffic in the cities, unless prior arranged with the Outfitter. There is good, safe accommodation available at or near the airport www.africasky.co.za. Please note that 3-4 hours check in time is recommended for international flights leaving South Africa.

Bookings can be made directly or through our booking agents. Umdende Safaris requires a 50% deposit of the total daily rate to confirm your booking and an elicited deposit on Big 5. The balance of your daily rate / package is payable 45 days prior to arrival and any extras incurred prior to departure. All Rates and Packages are available on email, please refer to inclusions and exclusions for your safari.

Deposits will be forfeited for cancellations made less than 3 months prior to your safari. Deposits (less costs incurred) will be transferred for 1 year for safaris with Umdende Safaris or forfeited for cancellations made more than 3 months prior to your safari. No refunds or transfers for any change in the agreed itinerary, Packages/Specials or circumstances beyond Umdende Safaris control.

Download Umdende Safaris’ Client Information Form which we require to inform our lodges of any dietary requirements and allergies.

  • Dark brown or dark hunter’s green coloured clothing is recommended for all hunters, including hat/cap.
  • 2 good pairs of hunting boots.
  • We suggest including a rain jacket and peel-off layers of clothing due to varying temperatures.
  • Temperatures range from 0º to 30º Celsius.
  • Protective eye and ear wear are recommended for shooting and a good sunscreen while in the fields.
  • Binoculars and soft gun bag
  • Thin shooting gloves to protect hands while loading and firing.
  • Optional shooting vest or belt-attachable shell bag
  • Gun cleaning equipment (barrel brush & lubricant) to clean guns daily. Available at Umdende Safaris.
  • A small flashlight is suggested.
  • No waders or knee-boots are required for Bird Hunting
  • Umdende Safaris has no dress code; casual, comfortable clothing is recommended.
  • IMPORTANT – Converter plug for 220 Volts, mobile device chargers
  • Cellphone or camera to capture Africa’s brilliant colour
  • Personal medications and the relevant prescriptions for Chronic medication and glasses
  • Please weigh your baggage according to your airline’s requirements
  • Laundry is available at most lodges, please enquire when booking to assist with your packing. No laundry is done on Sundays and the day prior to departure

A Umdende Safaris’ Contract of Safari  is drawn up between Umdende Lifestyle Safaris Pty Ltd t/a Umdende Safaris and the client, on conclusion of agreed safari details, terms and conditions, risks involved with hunting and charges. This must be signed and submitted prior to arrival.

A Deed of Indemnity is signed in original on arrival prior to the Safari proceeding.

Complete your Client Information prior to arrival to ensure that your individual safari requirements (e.g. diet /lodging) can be met where possible.

South Africa’s official currency is the Rand (ZAR). Foreign currencies cannot always be exchanged in the smaller towns therefore we highly recommend exchanging a small amount of your currency into Rands (R) on arrival at the airport. Visa, MasterCard, AMEX and Diners are widely accepted in larger cities and certain towns. 15 % VAT current (South African TAX) is applicable on certain items purchased.

Umdende Safaris accepts the following forms of payment:

  • Direct wire deposits (bank charges to payer)
  • Cash based on date of exchange in U.S. Dollars $100 bills only, or ZAR (South African Rand)
    Please note that our banks do not accept notes smaller than US $100, notes that are marked or have been folded.
  • Credit card (VISA, MasterCard- 4%, AMEX- 5% service charge is applicable)
  • USD Cheques (5% service charge)
  • Safari Forex (5% service charge)

Should your country’s custom authorities require proof of firearm ownership on returning home, a copy of the purchase receipt should suffice. However, if required, we do recommend registering your firearms with your country’s customs officials prior to departure for South Africa. Some countries do require paperwork to take firearms out your country (e.g. USA- CBP4457 form). Curios bought require a receipt and tanned skins a taxidermy stamp and certificate/letter.

220 volts therefore a European adapter and standard converter for two-pronged USA type plugs is IMPORTANT to bring with. Most lodges have cell phone reception. Wi Fi is limited at certain lodges.

Please see our Firearms page for more information.

Umdende Safaris offers a variety of Fishing/Tours from our main base Vryheid, KZN. If you are hunting in other areas, we will advise of Tours available. Certain Tours require bookings in advance while most Tours can be booked on arrival based on availability. Below are some of the options available from Vryheid KZN as base.

Tours taken with hunting days are charged at full hunting days and the balance of the tour, no half day hunting rates apply. All tours include a private driver, one meal per person at designated restaurant and touring vehicle.

Post / Pre-Hunting Photographic Safaris can be arranged as South Africa offers world class photo opportunities.

Please confirm rates prior to safari – tour rates increase 1 March annually.

Drinks and gratuities excluded on all tours.

Fishing (°+- 30min – *2hrs from main base camp)
We offer both °Freshwater and *Deep Sea (*min two days) fishing, conventional and fly-fishing. Minimum 2 pax.

Shakaland (*+- 2hrs drive from main base)
Tour giving in-depth knowledge of the traditional Zulu Cultures, including Zulu dancing, entering a traditional Zulu village and feasting on a buffet of South African cuisine. Minimum 2 pax.

Battlefields (*+- 45min drive from main base)
Some of the 63 battle sites and places of historical interest which attract visitors from all over the world. Come and re-discover the dramatic events and 3 major wars that shaped the destiny of South Africa.
Advance bookings essential and non-refundable. Minimum 2 pax.

Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Reserve (*+- 1.5hrs drive from main base)
The oldest Game Reserve in South Africa boasting all the BIG 5. Minimum 2 pax.

Cheetah Project (*+- 2hr drive from main base)
An educational breeding project for small cats – Serval, Cheetah, African Wild cat and Caracal. Minimum 2 pax.

Elephant Project (*+- 2hr drive from main base)
A visit where we get close and personal to African Elephants like very few places. This can be combined with the Cheetah Project. Minimum 2 pax.

Rhino Darting and Dehorning for anti-poaching (*+- 2hr drive from main base camp)
WOW!!! To be this close to the most endangered of the Big 5, an experience of a lifetime! Share in the opportunity to dehorn a Rhino in our Conservation attempts to protect them from poaching. Minimum 2 pax.

Other activities available from main base
Spa, Golf, Squash, Tennis, Shopping, Bird Watching, Advice for beginner shooters, Natal Spa Hot Springs, Indian Ocean trips.

Please see our Tours page for more information.

All gratuities are excluded in the prices quoted. A guideline of 10% of your total bill is suggested and highly appreciated. This is evenly distributed among the Umdende Safaris team.

Firearms should be transported in a lockable gun-case and bring a soft gun-bag for use in the fields. Either 12ga or 20ga are suitable for wing-shooting. For chokes, improved/modified for double guns and modified for single barrels are recommended with screw-in chokes providing flexibility. In a country away from gunsmiths it is important to ensure your guns are in good working order for high-volume shooting. Bring extra parts for repair if you have them. For any of the “Big Five” the law requires a minimum calibre of .375 H&H. For plains game any calibre from 270 upwards. A good variable scope is recommended as shots range from close quarters in thick bushy conditions, to fairly long shots up to 300 yards in open plains.

Please make 100% sure when traveling with firearms that your airline except transporting them and they may charge a fee for this service. Upon your arrival in South Africa proceed to the gun clearance area with your firearm license paperwork and fill out your temporary import permit form (preferably done prior to arrival). This form is needed on departure. According to South African hunting regulations, Umdende Safaris will require a copy of your firearm license while on safari. Only two firearms per person are allowed in the country and no more than one firearm per calibre for each hunter. (Unless prior motivation is made). All firearm paperwork needed prior to your arrival will be sent to you via e-mail on your request, including your Invitation Letter. www.hunterspermitsafrica.co.za and www.riflepermits.com offer a service for pre-issued permits including a ‘meet at greet’ at the airport, highly recommended. Umdende Safaris has firearms available to rent- see below, prior notice is essential.

New rules for checking in bags of irregular shape and size have come into effect at Johannesburg’s OR Tambo International Airport from Monday 25 March 2019.
The new rules are aimed at preventing blockages and breakdowns in the baggage handling system caused by bags that do not have any flat surfaces or that have long straps or grips as per the international Air Transport Association (IATA) guidelines. Only regular-shaped bags will be allowed at check-in counters, this means that the bags must have at least one flat surface to be accepted on the check in system. Round and irregular-shaped bags as well as bags with long straps will not be allowed at check-in counters.

South Africa (S.A.) has 11 official languages. English is spoken at Umdende Safaris and throughout RSA.

Ensure 2 blank pages in your passport for customs! Confirm with your Country if a Visa is required to enter South Africa. Obtain a multiple-entry Visa should you be entering South Africa en-route to South Africa’s bordering countries. No inoculations are required for South Africa.

While Umdende Safaris exercises the utmost care to ensure your/ your group / guest’s safety at all times, we cannot be held responsible for any loss, acts of God, illness or accidents whatsoever.

Your Professional Hunter will outline the Safety Procedures and Risks involved with your hunt, please respect them.

Each guest is required to sign an Indemnity Form on arrival.

Global Rescue membership is highly recommended as medical travel insurance. In booking with Umdende Safaris you warrant and represent to us that you are medically fit and able to undergo a potentially rigorous and especially in the case of Big Game, also dangerous activity with obvious risks, which you accept and have taken all reasonable steps to insure against the risks, damages, costs and expenses.

Hunters are not covered by Umdende’s Insurance for any Travel Cancellation, Loss of goods, Medical related procedures etc.

Please see our Reviews page for references and more information.

You will be briefed by your Professional Hunter on an ethical code of conduct whilst hunting, please respect this. Do not shoot unless you have communicated with your Professional Hunter (PH), and you have a clear view, i.e. dogs, other hunters, trackers, helper’s etc. Be sure of your shot…. you are pulling the trigger! Ensure that your weapon is unloaded or open before placing it on a vehicle or climbing over a fence, unless otherwise stipulated by your Professional Hunter. Every effort will be made to find wounded game, please respect this. The PH will make the final decision whether an animal has been shot or wounded and this is binding to final payment whether the animal is found or not.

Shoot birds at the correct distance. Do not shoot ground, swimming or very low birds. Your Professional Hunter will advise you on the correct shot size for specific bird species. When carrying your shotgun keep it safe pointing skywards and never point your firearm at anyone. When shooting birds don’t poach someone else’s bird or shoot down the line. When you expect to shoot keep your barrel pointing skyward and your safety on. When shooting, ensure that you know the species that are to be hunted. Do not fire through the shotgun if the barrel has become blocked during the shoot Should the PH feel at any stage the client, staff or members of the hunting group are at risk during the Safari or hunt, the PH will make the final decision. This includes, but is not limited to, taking the decision to shoot an animal that is wounded or endangering anyone’s lives. This will be at the clients cost if the landowner charges accordingly. Respect this rule as the PH has the experience and your safety as priority at all times! Any complaints while on Safari must immediately be advised to Umdende Safaris representative or agent to resolve the issues where possible.

Umdende Safaris can be found on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram & Blog.

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Unless otherwise stated in writing to Umdende Safaris, you agree that you have no objection to the use of video and/or photo material taken during your Safari for Umdende Safaris promotional purposes.

Trophies for export will be delivered to Umdende’s Taxidermist once the salting process is complete and full payment has been received for the invoice and any extras incurred.

Trophies will not be shipped and forfeited for non-payment in full.

Interest will be charged on late payments.

Delivery to a Taxidermist not used by Umdende is at the client’s cost.

Your Taxidermist will contact you directly and Umdende Safari’s office will stay updated with the progress of your Trophies.

Please expect minimum 6-12 months before delivery, dependant on the processing required.

Our Taxidermist’s Rates for each year are available via e-mail.


OR Tambo Johannesburg International airport – road transfer 4.5 hrs and private air charter 1h.30min. King Shaka Durban International airport – road transfer 3hrs and private air charter 45mins to Umdende Safaris main base in Vryheid KZN. Our Office will advise transfer times should you hunt other areas. We suggest 3 passengers maximum per 4×4 transfer vehicle and 9 passengers per bus/van. Air Charters P.O.R