Non stop adrenalin, flight after flight!

Wild Bird Hunting Safari

Umdende Hunting Safaris High Volume Doves / Pigeons

High Volume Doves & Pigeons

US $1,850 per gun

March/April/May & Sep/Oct

5 days / 6 nights

5 days of shooting

1.5 hours drive from JNB Airport

All inclusive

Add a rest/shooting day @ $150 per gun

Wild Bird Safaris

Waterfowl, Doves & Pigeons

US $3,350 per gun

May to June at 2 locations

6 days / 7 nights

5 days of shooting

3 days of Doves & Decoyed Pigeons

2 days of Waterfowl: Ducks & Geese

1 day rest & travel between lodges

Minimum of 3 guns

All inclusive

Wild Bird Safari

Zulu Bird Safaris

US $3,800 per gun

May to August at 1 location

4 days / 5 nights

3 days of hunting

1 day of rest

Waterfowl & Decoyed Pigeons

Driven Guineafowl & Francolin

All inclusive

US $5,000 per gun

6 days of hunting

Rifle/Shotgun Safari

Rifle & Shotgun Safari

US $3,100 per person

May to August

7 days / 8 nights

3 days of Bird shooting

3 days of Plains Game hunting

1 day of travel & rest

Minimum of 2 Guns

All inclusive

Waterfowl and Upland Safaris

Wild Bird Hunting with Clayton Comins has the best diversity in the world.  

Experience exceptional Waterfowl shooting with hundreds of Ducks and Geese coming into roosting ponds or reaped corn fields. 

Hear the Zulu chant and shout of our Beaters as we drive Guineafowl and Francolin towards your gun….

With over 35 years of experience in the bird hunting field, you will experience bird shooting like never before!

Waterfowl & Upland Safari

US $3,250 per gun

July to August at 2 locations

5 days / 6 nights

4 days of hunting

3 sessions over the pointers

3 sessions of Waterfowl

1 day of decoyed Pigeons

1 rest day & travel between lodges

All inclusive

World Class Wild Bird Hunting / Wingshooting