Umdende Hunting Safaris takes excellent care of all their clients and friends whilst on Safari, that is why we enforce strict Firearm safety rules while on Safari. You will be briefed by your Professional Hunter on an ethical code of conduct whilst hunting, please respect this. Please find all the safety rules and guidelines below:

  1. Do not shoot unless you are instructed to do so by your Professional Hunter, and you have a clear view, i.e. dogs, other hunters, helper’s positions etc.
  2. Ensure that your weapon is unloaded before placing it on a vehicle or climbing over a fence, unless otherwise stipulated by your Professional Hunter.
  3. Every effort will be made to find wounded game, please respect this.
  4. Shoot birds at the correct distance. Do not shoot ground or very low birds.
  5. Your Professional Hunter will advise you on the correct shot size for specific bird species.
  6. When carrying your shotgun keep it broken or pointing skywards.
  7. Never point your gun at anyone.
  8. When shooting birds don’t poach someone else’s bird or shoot down the line.
  9. When you expect to shoot, keep your barrel pointing skyward and your safety on.
  10. Break your gun when climbing over fences.
  11. When shooting, ensure that you know the species that are to be hunted.
  12. Do not fire through the shotgun if the barrel has become blocked during the shoot
  13. Every effort must be made to find wounded birds.

Umdende Hunting Safaris uses the following imported Fiocchi or GB shells for Bird Hunting

  • Doves and Pigeons – No. 7 and 7 ½, 24 gram or 28gramPartridge – No. 7, 28 grams
  • Guinea Fowl & Duck – No. 5 and 6, 34 gram
  • Geese – No. 3, 34 gram

Good Gun Safety means Happy Hunting! See you on Safari…