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We offer a comprehensive range of rental firearms for all conditions and purposes.

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For any of the “Big Five” the law requires a minimum caliber of .375 H&H. For plains game any caliber from 270 upwards. A good variable scope is recommended as shots range from close quarters in thick bushy conditions, to fairly long shots up to 300 yards in open plains.

For bird shooting, a 12-gauge shotgun is recommended. We supply imported Fiocchi and GB shotgun shells from Italy, Spain and Czechoslovakia, between 7 ½ – 3’s depending on the species. Download our list of Firearms available to rent.

All shotgun ammunition is excluded and is quoted per box 25 (lead). (Please request rates for current year).

Excellent, imported 12 and limited 20 gauge is available. We supply imported shotgun shells from Italy, Spain and Czechoslovakia (e.g. Fiocchi, Nobel Sport, Clever) between 7 1/2 -3’s depending on the species. You are allowed to import no more than 200 rounds of ammunition per calibre, for each hunter. Ammunition must be transported in a lockable box/hard case separately from your firearms and placed in your hand luggage, weighing not more than 5 kg in total. Please confirm these rules with your specific airline. Hired rifles include ammunition, specialized ammo is charged extra. If you are temporarily importing your rifles, please bring ammo or purchase from Umdende Safaris on arrival – Prior notice of at least 60 days.

Clayton Comins uses the following imported shells for Bird Hunting:

  • Doves and Pigeons – No. 7 and 71/2, 24 gram or 28 gram
  • Partridge – No. 7, 28 gram
  • Guinea Fowl & Duck – No.5 and 6, 34 gram
  • Geese – No.3, 34 gram


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These excellent service providers offer pre-issued Temporary import / export firearm permits and Airport Assistance to ensure a smooth entry through S.A. customs.

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