Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of the most commonly asked questions regarding hunting with us and travel to South Africa. We encourage you to read through the questions and answers to gain further insight into the various topics covered.

About Us

Where are you situated?

Umdende Hunting Safaris main base is South Africa in the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal.

What does Umdende mean?

Umdende is the Zulu word for a Red-Leaf Rock Fig Tree found in our area, which grows on top of the rocks.

How long have you been hunting?

Clayton Comins has been in the hunting industry since he was in nappies. His Parents ran their hunting business Game Bird Safaris and after retiring Clayton took over the reigns, hunting Game and Birds Professionally for the last 30 years.

Do you have any references?

Yes a list is available from our Office and video and written reviews can be viewed on our website.


Which Airport do we fly into?

OR Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg. depending on the location of your hunt. Durban King Shaka International Airport is a second option.

How far are you from the airport?

This depends on the location of your hunt. Our main base in Kwa-Zulu is 4.5hrs drive from OR Tambo International Airport Johannesburg and 3.5hrs drive from Durban King Shaka International Airport.

Which hotel can you recommend in Johannesburg for overnighting?

Africa Sky Guesthouse in Kempton Park, 10min from the airport they offer airport transfers. This is recommended if your flight arrives in Johannesburg or Durban after 15h30 / 16h00 or if you want to avoid night-time travel to the lodge.

Do you have Private Air Charters?

Yes most areas we hunt have access to landing for Private Air Charters. This is highly recommended for those that do not want to travel via road. Details can be requested from our Office.

Which airline do you recommend for local flights?

Airlink presently allows firearms on certain local flights

Other local airlines include SAA, FlySafair, LIFT, Cemair, Kulula

Please check with your travel agent or Outfitter regarding airlines that allow firearms and which do not.

Can we fly to Cape Town?

Yes there are local flights from O.R Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg and Durban International Airport to Cape Town.

Are Visas needed for South Africa?

No Visas are needed for US and UK citizens. Please check with your local authorities on this. Remember if you do need a Visa and plan to enter and exit South Africa more than once, you will need a multiple entry Visa. Lesotho and Swaziland are countries located within South Africa but not part of South Africa.

What clothing do we need to pack?

This depends on the time of year you are hunting with us, the areas you will hunt, and the species you will hunt? Our office will supply you with a recommended list of clothing from what colours to styles are suggested as well as a general packing list to make your safari preparations that much smoother

Please refer to the Blog for detailed articles on our packing recommendations.


What can I hunt?

Send an email to our office and we will send you the list of Dangerous Game, Plains Game and Bird species available to hunt and the areas where these species are located.

How much will it cost?

Rates are all available on our Pricelist, including our annual Packages and Specials. Specialised Packages can also be tailored to your specific preference. Please email for all detailed information and available options.

When is the season for hunting animals/plains game/antelope?

The season is all year round however December and January are not recommended due to the hotter climate and breeding season of animals.

How many days do you recommend for my Hunting Safari?

This all depends on the species you would like to hunt and the locations of these species. Not all animals are found in the same areas in South Africa. Certain species are located in limited areas and thus require extra traveling. Once your Outfitter Clayton has an idea of the animals you are interested in hunting, he will advise the recommended numbers of days you need. Dangerous Game hunting requires a minimum of 8 – 14 days booking.

When are the seasons for Bird Hunting/Wing Shooting?

31 April – 31 August on all 10 species of wild birds (3x Ducks, 2x Geese, Guinea Fowl, Pigeons, 2x Doves, Francolin) and throughout the year on Doves and Pigeons

Where do you hunt birds?

Our main areas are in the Provinces of Kwa-Zulu Natal (4.5hr from Johannesburg) and the Freestate (2hr from Johannesburg).

Do we need waders for Bird Hunting?

No waders are needed you shoot out of dry blinds. 2 good pairs of hunting boots are recommended (preferably waterproof).

What does 2:1 or 2-1 mean in hunting terms?

2:1 and 2-1 mean that 2 hunters hunt with 1 Professional Hunter, so they share the guide. The daily rate on this is cheaper than a 1:1 or 1-1 rate (one hunter to one guide).

What is an Observer in hunting terms?

An Observer is a non-hunter joining the hunter on his Safari. Observers either relax at the lodge or take Tours while the hunter is out in the field hunting. Should space permit and with prior discussion with the Outfitter, Observers can join the hunter on his hunt. This is all dependant on vehicle space and the type of hunt the hunter will be going on. Some Observers may have to pay a nominal day fee should extra vehicles and drivers be required to get them to and from the hunting areas. For safety and logistics reasons please respect the Outfitter should the Observer not be able to join the hunter in the field.

Can we combine Bird Hunting and Game Hunting in the same Safari?

Definitely! View our Packages available or we will tailor a combined Safari.

Can my children/kids hunt?

Yes we welcome children and families hunting together, beginners or experienced.

I am a beginner hunter, will I get help with my first trip to Africa?

Yes we welcome beginner hunters or those coming to Africa for the first time. We will accommodate your hunt at your speed and take you through every step at your pace.

I am an experienced hunter with most species already hunted, what can you offer me?

This is a great achievement, well done! Have you hunted Bushpig on bait or behind the hounds? Have you bird hunted 10 species of wild birds? Have you hunted the small 6 antelope? Have you completed the Macnab? Have you hunted the small cats?

Why do I need to sign an Indemnity Form before hunting?

This is a legal requirement of our Insurance Company compiled under legal guidelines for both parties involved. No person may hunt or go on Safari under our supervision without signing the Indemnity Form.

Can we shoot cull or non-trophy animals?

Yes depending on the areas you are hunting and which cull species are available to hunt.

Will someone from your company/team be with us for the whole safari?

Yes for sure, guiding you all the way. Let us know your requests and we will make sure you are happy from point of arrival to point of departure.

Who will I hunt with?

At all possible times you will hunt with Clayton Comins (Umdende Hunting Safaris Owner and Outfitter). Should Clayton already be booked, he has a Team of Professional Hunters that work regularly with him and will see to all your needs. All our Professional Hunters are qualified and experienced in their guiding, holding our standards high!!

How big are your concessions?

Our hunting areas for Game species range between 3000 acres and 30 000 acres (1000 Ha – 10 000 Ha).

How many bird hunting shoots do we do per day?

Mostly 1 shoot in the morning and 1 shoot in the evening, or 1 shoot mid-morning to mid-afternoon.

Do I need to be fit to hunt Bushpigs behind the Hounds?

Depending on the areas you are hunting, a fair amount of fitness and agility is advisable.

Can I hunt from the vehicle?

Only medically unfit or disabled hunters are legally allowed to shoot from the vehicle and a medical certificate stating this is required.

How long do we drive to get to the bird shoots?

Each day you will hunt at a new shoot and the drive between the lodge and shoot ranges between 20 and 90 minutes.

Are your hunting concessions free range or high fenced?

98% of hunting areas in South Africa are high fenced. The concessions we hunt on are big thus we ensure fair chase hunting at all times.

Can you give me an itinerary for our bird shooting?

All species of birds are wild thus an estimated itinerary can only be given 4-5 days prior to your Safari start date. Please be aware that based on external factors such as weather, harvesting, time of year etc etc, your estimated itinerary can change overnight. Read Umdende Hunting Safaris Bird Hunting Description for an explanation of how we run our shoots email or see Bird Hunting.

How many days are your bird hunts?

We recommend 2 days full shooting, 1 rest day, then 2 days full shooting. Based on your requests we can tailor a package to your needs.


What are the minimum number of guns required for a bird hunting safari?

We advise a minimum of 4 guns. The driven hunts are more successful with at least 4 guns. 3 guns can be taken which you can discuss with Clayton (your Outfitter).

What firearms and ammunition do you recommend?

This depends on the species you are hunting. Refer to Firearms for further details of recommendations on the various species as well as Firearms available to rent.

Can I bring my own Firearm?

Yes temporarily importing your personal Firearms into South Africa is possible. This requires bringing certain documents with and completing paperwork to receive your Temporary Firearm Import / Export Permit. The SAPS 520 form can be filled in prior to or on arrival. We highly recommend doing this prior to arrival to save a lot of time. Pre-issued Permits can be obtained through Rifle Permits or Hunters Permits Africa and they can assist with transition through the airport – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Umdende has firearms available to rent. Refer to Firearms for further details Firearms

Can I bring my own ammunition?

Yes 200 rounds per calibre per gun per person are allowed into South Africa. Most airlines have specific packing requirements for ammunition, please make sure you adhere to your airlines requirements. Rifle Permits or Hunters Permits Africa will also advise you of these requirements should you arrange your Temporary import/export permit with them.

I am travelling to several countries in Africa to hunt, can I still bring my Firearm?

Yes you can. You will require an in-transit permit for your firearm and the relevant paperwork for each country. Use the services of Rifle Permits or Hunters Permits Africa to ensure all your paperwork is in order.

I am hunting in South Africa and then touring in neighbouring countries, can I still bring firearms?

Yes you can, however the firearm will have to be stored in South Africa while you Tour in the neighbouring countries. Use the services of Rifle Permits or Hunters Permits Africa to advise of the storage locations that can be used and the paperwork required.

Do you rent out firearms?

Yes we do. Please see Firearms for these details. Bookings are required in advance to ensure availability.

Which Airlines allow firearms

SA Airlink is presently the only local airline allowing travel with firearms to certain destinations in South Africa. Please check in advance for their requirements.

Please check with your travel agent or Outfitter regarding further airlines that may now be allowing travel with firearms.

Please check with your travel agent or Outfitter regarding airlines that allow firearms and which do not.


Where will we stay?

This depends on the location of your hunt. Our main lodges can be seen on our website Accommodation. Please enquire with our Office for details of your specific lodges

Is WiFi available at the lodges?

This depends on the location of your hunt thus the connection can range from excellent to no connection. Enquire with our Office for details on your specific lodge.

What converter plugs will I need?

South African electricity supply is 220/230 volts AC 50 HZ. Most plugs are 15 amp 3-prong or 5 amp 2-prong, with round pins. Please bring the relevant adaptor plugs as purchasing in some locations we hunt is not possible.

Are you in a Malaria area and should I take medication?

Most of our hunting concessions are not in Malaria areas. Please confirm with our Office if your hunting schedule will take you into a Malaria area

Please consult with your Doctor prior to arrival about recommended medications for yourself should you be going into a Malaria area. It is not recommended for young children to travel to bad Malaria areas.

What medications will I need?

Bring all your prescription medication including the Doctors script and old tablet / pill containers. Having the above will smooth the process of getting medications should you run out. Your Professional Hunter will have a first aid kit with him.

What happens if I get sick or have an accident while on Safari?

We highly recommend Medical and Travel Insurance for every client. Global Rescue and Ripcord are both very good options. South Africa has excellent Private medical facilities and you will be well taken care of at all times by our Team. You will complete a Client Information form prior to arrival. Completing as much medical detail as possible will assist us should an emergency situation arise.

Do you offer photographic safaris and tours?

Yes we do. Tours in the area of your hunt can be arranged for the hunters and non-hunters and South Africa offers numerous Photographic Safaris. Some tours require booking in advance to ensure availability. Please enquire with our Office for the Tours available in your hunting area and on offer after your Hunting Safari

Do you offer fishing?

Yes, fresh and salt water fishing, fly fishing and conventional.

Do you cater for Halaal/Vegetarian/Kosher etc?

If we are made aware of any special dietary requests well in advance of your arrival, our lodges will do their very best to cater towards your specific needs.

Do you serve Seafood at your lodges?

This is a question often asked and unfortunately due to the location of most hunting lodges, Seafood is not a food source that is easily obtainable in these areas. Should we be advised well in advance of a special request, we will do our best to accommodate your needs within reason.

Are drinks included?

Local beers and wines in moderation during the day and at lodges without cash bar.