Big shout out to Clayton Comins of Umdende Safaris!

I just returned from South Africa where I was put on a spectacular waterfowl collecting hunt. Clayton along with Sabastian Paquot made this experience one to remember. 15 different species of waterfowl were targeted for my collection and all 15 were collected in 3 1/2 days. The best way for me to describe trying to get each species is by thinking of each hunt as it’s own mini safari. They had a game plan to target each species that was executed until the 15th one was taken. I would highly recommend using them if collecting anything from the African Pygmy Goose to the Spur Wing Goose and all the other species in between that South Africa offers. The lodging, food, culture and of course the hunting was spectacular! It was definitely a bucket lister for me and I’m glad Umdende Safaris was able to help me check it off.


Rich Maris, August 2023