All our Hunters know Clayton (your Outfitter and Professional Hunter) is mad about delicious, home-style cooking, whipping up delicious meals from your animals and birds taken on Safari. So Clayton’s decided to give some of his wild game secrets away and he’ll spoil you every month or so with a new recipe to play with…. Enjoy his first meal – Game Tender Loin from ”Clayton’s Wild Kitchen!!”

Game Tender Loin with Brandy, mushroom and onion sauce.


Any Game Tender Loin / Fillet

Olive oil

1 or 2 chopped onions

Salt & pepper and spices

Punnet mushrooms

2 tots brandy

125 / 250mls (4 / 8oz) fresh cream


Use the inner fillet / tender loin of any wild game.  Preferably that’s hung for a couple days.  Remove the sinus. Preheat oven very hot – 220 to 240⁰C (40 – 460⁰F)

Baste meat with olive oil. Cook loins quickly in hot oven. (A big loin e.g. Eland, will take about 25min, so smaller loins 10-20min, meat must still be rare inside)

Sautee 1 or 2 onions in pan, add any spices plus salt and pepper. Fry mushrooms separately or with onions

Slice the tender loin into medallions half an inch thick.  Place medallions into the mushroom / onion pan on very hot (preferably gas top). Add 1 or 2 tots brandy on top, stir, light the brandy to cook off alcohol.  Add half punnet cream 125mls (depending on size of pan and how many medallions).  Cook for 1 or 2min. Don’t overcook the meat in the sauce, else you form a stew and it will go tough. Medallions should still be medium when served.

Serve on couscous / bed of rice, with fresh vegetables.

To use this delicious recipe offline, download it here.