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Umdende Hunting Safaris is driven by local Outfitter and Professional Hunter Clayton Comins, whose family has been involved in the hunting and wing shooting industry for over 35 years. We are based in Zululand (KwaZulu-Natal) and operate throughout South Africa, making your Wildest Dreams Come True.

Game Hunting

Game Hunting

Adventurous and exciting, Umdende’s Team will safely guide you from arrival to departure!

Bird Hunting

Bird Hunting

Bird shooting and Collection Bird hunts with Clayton Comins are rated as the best diversity in the world!



Enjoy salt and freshwater fishing opportunities to top off your African Safari!



South Africa, the world’s sightseeing Paradise!

Wild Bird Hunting / Wing Shooting

Wild Bird Hunting with Clayton Comins is rated as having the best diversity in the world. High volume Doves and decoyed Pigeons is offered from March to October. All other game birds are hunted between 1 May and 31 August. A typical mixed bag bird hunting safari is 4 to 6 days with an optional rest day in between, to rest the shoulder. Experience exceptional waterfowl shooting with hundreds of Ducks and Geese coming into roosting ponds or reaped corn fields. Thousands of decoyed Pigeons outwitting the most experienced shooters. The Zulu chant and shout of our Beaters as we drive Guineafowl and Francolin towards the guns……
With over 35 years of experience in the bird hunting field, you will experience bird shooting like never before!

Collection Bird Hunts

Umdende Safaris proudly offers Collection Bird Hunts for discerning Bird Collectors. In Zululand, Umdende exclusively offer the smallest to the largest of the world’s waterfowl – Pygmy Goose, Hottentot Teal and the colossal Spurwing Goose. Offering 15 collectable waterfowl species, many upland species, Doves and Pigeons; mostly unique to South Africa.
Clayton and his Team are backed by years of experience in the wild bird hunting industry and therefore fully understand the care and attention to detail required to hunt and export these Collector species.

Game Hunting, Big 5 and Night Critter

Umdende Safaris offers several different game hunting areas and lodges, based mainly in KwaZulu-Natal South Africa, as well as other areas in South Africa. Your location depends on which species you are hunting and your level of preferred luxury. Experienced or novice, Clayton’s Team will guide you to walk and stalk your dream animal, whether it be Dangerous game or the Tiny 10, abundant or elusive, Umdende Safaris caters to your dream species that our fantastic country offers!

Fishing, Tours and Photographic Safaris

Combine your Safari with Fresh or Saltwater Fishing and Tours between hunting days or after your Safari. South Africa boasts the best Game viewing and Photographic opportunities in the world!

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